What are the doctors’ credentials and how long have you been in practice?2023-07-17T12:50:43-04:00

Dr. Fishbaine received his BS in Biology from Bucknell University in 1979. He attended Temple University Dental School where he graduated in the top 5th of his class in 1983 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. A general practice residency in Dentistry followed at the Allentown and Lehigh Valley Hospitals. Dr. Fishbaine began practicing in State College in the summer of 1984 where he happily resides with his wife, Penni. They have two children, Josh, and Arielle, both Penn State graduates.

In 1993, Dr. Fishbaine received a Fellowship degree from the Academy of General Dentistry. He also participated in the Seattle Dental Society’s Study Club from 2011-2015. Currently, Dr. Fishbaine is a member of the Spear Study Club for ongoing continuing education where he meets monthly with other dentists and dental specialists to collaborate on sophisticated dental treatment options for state of the art dentistry.

Dr. Fishbaine is also a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), Pennsylvania Dentistry Association (PDA), and the Centre Dental Society.

Dr. Andrew T. Tran graduated summa cum laude from George Mason University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science. Thereafter, he pursued his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating at the top one-fifth of his class in May of 2023. Dr. Tran was inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the National Dental Honor Society. He is presently a member of the American Dental Association.

Dr. Tran had the honor of being mentored by Dr. Garry L. Myers, the Director of Graduate Endodontics, and Dr. Eric B. Bokinsky, the Director of Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD). Dr. Tran also spent part of his education training faculty and fellow classmates on soft tissue laser ablation for minor gum surgery. Additionally, he trained faculty prosthodontists on digital surgical guide design for implant placement. Outside of the school clinics, Dr. Tran treated patients at community clinics all across Virginia and served as a volunteer vaccinator in the VCU Vaccine Corps, administering around 200 COVID-19 vaccines at mass community clinics.

Do you offer payment plans?2021-02-15T11:58:53-05:00

We accept personal checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and debit cards.

Our Financial Policy
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CareCredit for dental procedures
We are also pleased to offer our patients the CareCredit® card (6 month with no interest option, provided the monthly required payments are made), North America’s leading patient payment program. CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately — then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget. Now you don’t have to save up for years to finally get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Like a credit card, but better
CareCredit works like a credit card, but is exclusive for healthcare services. Through CareCredit, we offer a low monthly payment plan (6 months interest free as long as the monthly required payments are made) for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance, including dental treatment. Plus, you can use your CareCredit card over and over for follow-up appointments. Learn more by visiting CareCredit.com or calling 800-365-8295 Ready to apply? Apply online for your CareCredit card today.

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Do you accept my dental insurance?2023-07-17T12:51:49-04:00

For patients with dental insurance, we are happy to work with your carrier to maximize your benefits and submit insurance, as long as your insurance pays toward out of network dental services.

  • You or your employer has a contract with the insurance company. Our practice does not have a contract with any dental insurance plans. Therefore, you may be asked to pay in full on the day of your service, and any reimbursement will be sent to you by your insurance company. For patients with dental insurance, the front desk will explain our procedure dependent upon our experience with the insurance plan.
How often do I need dental x-rays?2023-07-17T12:52:50-04:00

We recommend that our adult patients have a full mouth series of dental x-rays or a panorex taken once every 5 years. In between those times, yearly routine x-rays (bitewings) are taken for most of our patients, adults and children. The x-rays help Dr. Fishbaine and Dr. Tran diagnose any dental issues or the beginning of an issue. All of our x-rays are digital. This allows us to capture crisp, clear images at significantly reduced exposure times as compared to x-ray film.

How often do I need to have dental cleanings and exams?2021-02-15T11:59:23-05:00

This question has often been debated and revisited in dental literature. For most people, professional cleanings twice a year seems to be optimal. Dental examinations are done at the same time to insure satisfactory tooth and gum health. More frequent scaling (cleanings) may need to be performed for patients who experience gum disease. In addition, Dr. Fishbaine performs an oral cancer exam on every adult patient at his/her routine visit.

How can I replace a missing tooth?2023-07-17T12:54:34-04:00

There are numerous ways to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth.  A comprehensive exam including x-rays of all of the teeth will allow the doctor to assess your needs and review the options. Subsequently, the doctor will present all the treatment options and make recommendations. The patient can help decide which option is optimal for his or her individual case.

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